The name fullfifty refers to the 050 netnumber of Groningen, the place where our roots lie. It is a lively city in the North of the Netherlands known for its hardworking people with no-nonsense mentality. It is the place where our dream of exploring the world and bringing pioneering concepts to the market started, many years ago. The name fullfifty now reminds us everyday to live life to the full and chase our dreams while remembering where we came from.


We are specialized in taking you from where you are now to where you want to be with your organization and team.

To achieve this, We offer training, consultancy and interim management services in the following areas:

  1. individual - personal development and coaching
  2. TEAM - Team building, team assessment, professional skills development
  3. organization - start-up and business acceleration, organizational strengthening, strategy development
  4. shared value - establishing win-win links between social initiatives and corporates as well as transforming NGOs into successful income generating social businesses


See what everybody sees, do what nobody does
— Duncan Stutterheim, successful serial entrepreneur

We see what everybody sees, but do what nobody does. We pioneer. We like the unknown. We inspire and help you overcome challenges and achieve results. Our approach is based on International theories and extensive local experience. Keywords are:

positive | people-centered | action and result focused | active team work | strategic creativity | inspirational | the more we talk, the less you learn


We are here because we strongly believe that you deserve to reach your full potential and realize your dreams. We believe that you, and all talented people who want to continuously improve themselves should get the opportunity to do so. We feel that inspired employees who have been enabled to reach their full potential transform organizations. It is our strong wish that this will contribute to more impactful and successful businesses and organizations and ultimately a better society.


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